200Q no start- update

Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Sat Oct 27 18:37:28 EDT 2001

The vacuum lines are the defeats for the Cruise Control. Break vacuum
when depressing the clutch or brake and the cruise control is disabled
until Resume is hit. In the case of the Clutch it's to prevent over
reving (or inadvertent reving) of the engine no longer under load, in the
case of the brake I'd imagine it's pretty self explanatory.


On Sat, 27 Oct 2001 15:22:58 -0600 Calvin Krug <ckrug at tctc.com> writes:
>Last Monday, my '89 200 decided not to crank when I turned the key. 
>After getting some suggestions from listers, I finally had time today 
>to look at it, and here's what I found. The number 8 relay under the 
>hood - labelled STARTER LOCKOUT- AT, for some reason wasn't working. 
>With a jumper wire across the contacts, the car starts and runs fine. 
>Now, I just need to find out why the contacts aren't closing.  Is 
>this relay controlled by the clutch switch?  If so, how do I get to 
>the switch?  That thing is tucked up under the dash above what 
>appears to be some heater ductwork.  The clutch and brake switches 
>also appear to be connected to a vacuum line. What the heck is that 
>for?  I know, I should get a Bentley manual, but I need every penny 
>of my Audi repair funds for parts.
>Thanks for the assistance, everyone
>Calvin K.

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