[urq] 2 pc manifolds

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Mon Oct 29 10:01:15 EST 2001

20vt is a good place to look for more here.  I haven't seen a cracked 20vt
manifold, nor one that ripped the #1 or #5 stud.  They use the same motor
mount as the 10v I5, and a support bracket to the motor.  turbo and WG hang
dead center (more even heat), with support bracket.  er, 1 pc manifold too.


JH writes
Just a thought...
If the manifold cracking is mostly due to inconsistent spread of heat across
the manifold causing inconsistent expansion, won't adding support brackets
create cold spot and make this worse?
Surely the metal bracket will conduct heat out of the manifold at the
point(s) where it is attached??


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