[urq] 2 pc manifolds

Iain Atkinson iain.atkinson at tesco.net
Mon Oct 29 21:52:03 EST 2001

Was still cracked nonetheless, seen it with my own eyes, and after the owner
took it away to be welded.


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Oddly enough there was an S6 avant here at the dealership recently that had
cracked manifold, technicians reckon that they do eventually go the same


>But the inlet manifold on the 20vt is on the other side of the block
>meaning less weight to support. Coincidence ?
>> 20vt is a good place to look for more here.  I haven't seen a cracked

>> manifold, nor one that ripped the #1 or #5 stud.  They use the same motor

>> mount as the 10v I5, and a support bracket to the motor.  turbo and WG

>> dead center (more even heat), with support bracket.  er, 1 pc manifold

>> HTH
>> SJ
>> JH writes
>> Just a thought...
>> If the manifold cracking is mostly due to inconsistent spread of heat

>> the manifold causing inconsistent expansion, won't adding support

>> create cold spot and make this worse?
>> Surely the metal bracket will conduct heat out of the manifold at the
>> point(s) where it is attached??
>> Jim.

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