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Here's a post that came up on the 924/944 list a while ago on the same
topic, that I have posted to this list before.  Solved it for me.
Paper filters are awfully cheap.  I can replace them for a heck of a lot
of times for the cost of a K&N anyhow.  Let's see $50 for a K&N, or
under $10 for a paper filter.   Assuming a 20k change interval, that's
100k miles worth of driving before I've even reached the cost of the
K&N, and that is before I buy the oil, so the cost savings isn't even a
point for me.

Here's the post:
It was done on a WMB, but should be similar of course.


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>Are "Performance" Air Filters a Good Idea?

The following information was taken from a posting by Jim Conforti (AKA
Land Shark).  Jim is a well known tuner in BMW circles.  His web site is
Bonneville Motor Werks.  The testing was done on a BMW air filter but
concepts should apply to all manufacturers.

Comparing Stock to Performance Air Filters

First, a "prologue".  This was a scientific test, not one done by filter
manufacturer X to show that their filters are better than manufacturer
The test results are pretty irrefutable as the test lab tests and
filters where "screw ups" are absolutely NOT allowable (I can't say any
more for security.  Think "Glow in the Dark").

OK, with that in mind, onward.

A scientific test was done on TEST filters where air was loaded with
(some standardized "test dust" called AC Coarse Test Dust) and sucked
through the TEST filter then through an analysis membrane.

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