car bra's . . . good protection or not?

Tom Nas tnas at
Tue Oct 30 20:14:01 EST 2001

"Michael Gough" <mdg3369 at> wrote:

>My oppinion is that car bras, along with carpet dash covers are really dumb.
>The point of them is to "protect" the way the car looks right? Aside from
>possible damage to the paint from trapping water, or being abrasive to the
>paint on the freeway, they make the cars look down right silly. Especially
>Audis that look GREAT to begin with. And what for? To protect the paint so
>the car looks good......for the next guy? Why not have it look good for you?
>Same with dash covers, I don't get people putting them on new cars with nice
>dashes. They just make the dash look ugly, you might as well enjoy the dash
>wile its not cracked. Same with the paint, if it's still in good shape, it's
>a lot nicer to look at than some black cover on the front of the car.

I second that. The same goes for seat covers in a new car- they always look
like cr at p because they never fit properly. And what do you have after
driving the car with the cr at ppy interior for years? A dented, rusty car
with an as-new interior... as if the next owner will care.

Regards, Tom

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