Digital Multi Meters NAC

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Tue Oct 30 20:22:06 EST 2001

I have been looking for a replacement to my Sunpro/Accutron 7678.
It seems that SunPro has the shadetree mechanics blanketed with this model
and 7680 been sold everywhere with no real discounts. (~$100/$125)
Flukes, while nice, are overkill for my purposes.
In my search I found some nice looking units @
You can get 95% of the SunPro 7678 utility for <1/2 the price plus a thermo
probe, plus 3cyl utility and higher RPM range for motorcycle use. (Hongda
AT-950B) Unfortunately I didn't see a unit that had Duty Cycle, but for my
uses the $40 unit should prove very handy .They were listed under specialty
meters on the sight.

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