what is causing leak in steering rack? Anybody rebuilt it?

Konstantin Bogach konstantin.bogach at morganstanley.com
Tue Oct 30 16:11:39 EST 2001

I spent about 3-4 hours to remove a rack. I did it first time. Jorgen quoted
me for $180 for a rebuilt rack if I send them a core ($150 deposite).
I can not comment on groaning sound. But I remember hearing groaning once
seconds before a high pressure hose to bomb burst out leaking on a cold
morning (it had small leak before).


Bill Rowe wrote:

> Since we're on this topic I have a few questions/concerns.  I have an 87
> 5ktq w/ 157k miles.  When I first turn the steering wheel in the morning
> I get a "groaning" noise which disappears by the time I pull out of my
> driveway.  This has been going on for many years but I really haven't
> been concerned cuz I'm not leaking any major amounts of pentosin, just a
> few drops here and there which I presumed was from the pwr steering
> pump.  Is my rack the cause of the groaning noise?  How difficult is it
> (time wise) to remove and replace the rack?  What's a rebuilt one go
> for?  Thanx.

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