Clutch pedal issues, 4kq

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Tue Oct 30 13:42:39 EST 2001

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>Subject: Clutch pedal issues, 4kq
>Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 18:32:13 -0600
>I had the same problem on my 4kq.  The problem WAS NOT the clutch
>and/or master cylinder.  I replaced them both and the clutch still didn't
>release until the pedal was near the floor and I had to use my toe to get
>the pedal to fully return.
>What ended up fixing the problem was extending the adjusting rod
between the
>master cylinder and the clutch pedal clevis.  I think you need a 10mm
and a
>11mm open end wrench and a rubber neck to see under the dashboard.
>I think the clutch master cylinder had been replaced by the previous
>but the rod was never adjusted.
>Could be the problem?!

I am experiencing the exact same problem with my clutch pedal.  I was
under the impression (from a q-list discussion) that a possible cause of
the problem might be the disc-shaped insert that fits inside the larger
hole in the firewall through which the clutch cable passes.  The stock Audi
piece is compressed paper/cardboard? while the 'same' piece used in
later VW applications is made of hard plastic.  If I remember correctly,
someone was able to supply a part number for the VW piece, and it was
super-cheap even from the dealership...

Surely someone can confirm this.


Matt Nicksic
'84 4ksq (with that sinking feeling during clutch situations)

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