K26 efficiency

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Wed Oct 31 23:00:00 EST 2001

Well, its not that simple...first off, a turbo's flow in a qualitative sense
needs to be always in relation to an application.  A K03 on an 800cc
motorcycle motor would be a "high flow" turbo, on a 2.2l 5

In stock form, as papers show, both the K03 and K04 are very well suited to
the intended purpose-low lag and instant response.  In fact, both turbos were
chosen because they are small and have relatively "low flow" for the
application.  Bigger turbos that would produce better high end power and flow
would have more lag and slower response.

But, is a K03 well suited to running 16psi and trying to squeeze 200hp out of
a 1.8t??  NO, I don't believe so, though many companies are offering just
such chips.  If you've ever driven one of these cars, you find that they are
quick in one or two gears, but try to run a whole 1/4 mile with one and IME,
the car slows as the intake charge rockets into unacceptable temps (I used to
install these chips at a major tuner, New Dimensions)

Anyway, the point was in that post that smaller turbos compromise high end
power for low end, and bigger turbos the opposite.  Audi didn't choose the K0
turbos because they are flow monsters, they chose them because they are
small, fast reacting turbos, just the opposite.  When pushed pased thier
limits, these turbos don't respond well, and the application really calls for
a higher flowing turbo.


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<< You mentioned how ridiculous the K03/K04 are for flow; here are some papers
 on the work that was done selecting and modifying the K04 for the TT. Both
 exhaust turbine & intake impellers are important.


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