I am a wimp (door handles, window switches, rust)

Duncan Thomson duncan at systemcontrols.co.nz
Mon Sep 3 13:02:14 EDT 2001

 > -- I have a serviceable replacement handle for the front passenger
 > side door.  Replacing the rears was not a problem, but the front has a
 > rod going through a plastic guide.  Is there a good way to replace
 > the handle and thread the rod back in w/o taking the door panel off?

 sounds like an issue which should have a fair number of experts out

 sorry no real advice here, I have always removed the door liner, but it
looks like may be possible to do it all via 'keyhole' surgery ;-)

 good luck...

 I was just thinking that it's the sort of thing that should be a
at any audi related gatherings, with a prize going to the person who can get
a doorhandle out and replaced in the shortest possible time...

 maybe we could just have a list based competition, people can record their
best times and submit them to a doorhandle "hall of fame"...

 hmmm have a couple of these to do myself...


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