Removing Starter - 80q

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Sep 3 18:08:18 EDT 2001

Two big bolts, at the rearward end of the starter, at the engine/tranny
junction.  One has a nut and one doesn't, i think the one that doesn't
is the top one and the bolt head is easiest to get to thru the RF wheel
well with the tire out of the way.  Remove those and the wires on the
front end of the starter and it should fall out.

> Ok, so I've finally got the car on jack stands and I'm trying to figure out
> how to remove the starter.
> >From underneath the engine, I can see one bolt that I've managed to remove.
> The oil filter was in the way somewhat, so after removing that, I had more
> room to work.  I can't see any other screws or bolts holding the starter in
> place, but it just wont budge.  Bentley is'nt very helpful here.  So, I'm
> stuck.  If I can get some quick answers, that'd be great, else I'll just
> replace the bolt and start again next week.

Huw Powell

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