Speaking of tires....

Beatty, Robert BeattyR at ummhc.org
Tue Sep 4 12:51:33 EDT 2001

Looks like im gonna go with the Khumo Ecsta Supra 712's.  After reading all
the positive feedback on Tirerack.com site about them and seeing the cost,
vs the Dunlop SP9000 or the Michelin Pilot Sports.

I'm also going to change sizes slightly from 205/55/16 to 205/50/16.
Acording to a tire calculator I found online,  this puts speedo error at
somthing like + 2.5%.

The caculator i used is here ...


Now I just need to wait till my refund check gets here to go buy the tires.


86 5ktq (needs new shoes)
87 5ktq sold
89 200tqa

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