CQ suspension tweaks and track mods

Tom Nas tnas at euronet.nl
Wed Sep 5 00:04:06 EDT 2001

Dan Sinclair <dsinclair at icare.snalf.com> wrote:

>That was my thought as well originally, so I upgraded to a 16x17.5 TSW Hock
>R with 205/50 Z rated tires.  The grip from this combination improved
>substantially over stock, but the roll wasn't affected much.  I can
>certainly corner faster now, but the body roll is quite pronounced when
>pushed.  I'm sure some of the roll is a function of the weight of the car
>(the CQ is a bit on the hefty side compared to the 4kq) but that aside, I
>seem to think there should be ways to improve.

Hmmm... comparing my 90q (215/40-16) to my 80 (195/50-14) I prefer the 80. 
Nimbler, less prone to tramlining, more steering feel and more positive 
self-centring. The 16"s are going to go, I'm putting the 15" Ronals w/195s 
back. The old 90q on 195s always felt like it would outhandle anything, 
body roll apart.
The 215s have taken away that confidence. I know a lot of that is due to 
the actual tyre, but I feel (and have experienced in the past) that 
narrower tyres make for better steering feel.
Maybe it depends on the roads you're driving, there're lots of truck tyre 
grooves in the righthand lanes here.

Just my Dfl .02, just before the introduction of the Euro...

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