an observation about european cars vs the rest of the world....

Ti Kan ti at
Tue Sep 4 23:36:44 EDT 2001

Andrew Buc writes:
> Japanese cars tend to be given quirky names for the Japanese domestic
> market. Some we've seen over the years: Datsun Fairlady (240Z to us),
> Bluebird (510), Cherry (F10). Daihatsu Charade. But then many Japanese
> products have quirky home-market names: Meltykiss (chocolate candy),
> Volume Up Water (aftershave).

Yes, my favorite is the Nissan S-Cargo.  Gulp!  Actually, I think that
would be an interesting pun for the Audi S Avants, except that they move
much quicker than at snail's pace... :-)

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