parking brake threaded rod on 90q20v

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Guess I'll have to disagree with that.  It's true that the rod is attached
to the handle mechanism with a steel rivet.  However, this can be drilled
out and replaced with other hardware.  Check your car for fitment of course,
but I was able to use a bolt/nut combo.  And a replacement rod is available
much cheaper.  In typical Audi fashion, if they didn't expect it to be
replaced separately, they wouldn't even give it a part number, it would be
part of a larger assembly only.


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You have to replace the WHOLE ebrake handle.  The threaded rod is attached
to the ebrake handle with some pressed in fittings so its not designed to be
taken apart... though with enough persistance....  I just did this in my
wifes 89 200tqa.  Cost about 90.00 at the dealer for the handle

I also had to take the console out to get to it, its a bit of a pain to do.
You also need to be under the car as well to make the final adjustments to
the ebrake tension.


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The parking brake cables mount on a little triangular metal piece under
the car, and this piece is pulled forward by a threaded rod, which is
attached to the ebrake handle.  

The last time I replaced cables, the rod broke due to rust, but I was
able to clean the threads and get another nut on there.  Now, with new
brake pads, the rod is not long enough, so I have to get a new one.

My question is this - how does the rod attach to the ebrake handle and
how do you gain access to it, from above or below?

Appreciate some been there done that on this.

| Dan |

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