vacuum pressure questions

Joel Lenorovitz jlenorovitz at
Wed Sep 5 12:15:17 EDT 2001


I'm still trying to rig up a smoke system to test my induction system for an air
leak and I have a question for the lists.  What would you say is the typical maximum
vacuum pressure (or lack thereof) encountered in the intake manifold/vacuum lines
during normal operating conditions (including heavy load, idle, etc.)?  I'm dealing
with a 12v-v6 here, but just a ballpark number is fine.  I just want reasonable
estimate of how much positive pressure to apply to the system to induce a leak,
which will then hopefully be made visible by escaping smoke.

Also, I'm afraid that my problem could lie in a malfunction of the mass air flow
sensor.  Now I'm terrified of that possibility after finding out that those puppies
run almost $500.  What the heck are those sensors made of that they cost so much?

'95 90Q

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