thoughts on Euro cars: Japanese cars

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Yes, well, the Merkur was another one of those fine ideas from the
"creative" minds at Ford.  It ranks a close second to the Edsel.

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> At 08:12 01-09-07 -0400, Roger M. Woodbury wrote:
> >Anyway, my chief disagreements with the Camry were that Toyota, and all
> >other Japanese cars as far as I know, are gimmick crazy.  Two buttons for
> >every function, and not commonly located.  To turn on the cruise control,
> >the circuit has to be turned on using a switch on the right side of the
> >instrument panel...thins like that.
> Take a look at the OEM radio on a late 80s Ford Scorpio (Merkur to you
> Americans). It is obvious that the radio was designed by the British Ford
> division - both the casette slot and the more important knobs are located
> on the right hand side of the unit - convenient on the RHD cars, but PITA
> on the LHD ones.
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