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The Cordoba was rear drive, I BELIEVE that the platform was either the
Diplomat, etc. (of police car fame, or infamy) or the full size Fury. It
was not ever front drive, therefore not K-car related. The Caravelle was
a K-car derivative sedan, (4 headlight AFAIR), similar in virtually
everything to the Dodge 600 series (yes there was a convertible version,
but there were also sedans), upscale of the Reliant K-car series,
possibly as a replacement to the Lancer series (don't recall anymore),
which were NOT true K-cars, and quite possibly better cars overall. Omni
024's and Turizmo's (TC3) were into'd as sporty coupes, but at
Horizon/Omni prices. They had various engines, including (on Shelby'd
024's) turbo 2.2's. The Dodge evetually got called Chargers after the
Omni's were replaced by the, the, oh I give up, they eventually became
Duster's. They all of the Omni derivatives, EXCEPT the GLH-S and Charger
Turbo competed in E-stock SCCA Solo2 racing, hence my knowledge of them.
Due to their cable shift linkage, they REALLY didn't like being shifted
into 1st under braking and into hard left turns, hence and course that
had that layout left them at a disadvantage IF the corner was THAT slow
(VERY, VERY, VERY few are). Of course, my GTi didn't like to be shifted
into first in any turn, so, it really didn't help me, but, as I said,
there were virtually no courses that had that situation, and DEFINITELY
none at the divisional or national level. 


On Sun, 9 Sep 2001 18:51:37 -0400 "Rave Racer" <Ravewar at> writes:
>    Right.. now I remember.  I also remember something about a Super 
>It had a super charged or turbo charged motor in it I think.  Anyone 
>about this?  And I don't know if I said it or not, but the upscale 
>of the Caravelle with a soft stuff on the roof was the Cordoba....  It 
>Carinthian leather, and was suseptible to engine fires
>> Turismo was the 2 dr version of the Horizon platform, not K.
>> LL - NY
>> On Sun, 9 Sep 2001 11:30:15 -0400 "Rave Racer" <Ravewar at> 
>> >
>> >    The Daytona / Charger / Turismo 2.2 Turbo?  Or are you still
>> >talking
>> >about chrysler here?  The 600 was convertable, and the Reliant had 
>> >hp.  I
>> >don't know if the Turismo was on the K frame or not.  You always 
>> >to
>> >remember the greats and the crap, but never the ones in between.
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