Building a racing I5

Michael Gough mdg3369 at
Sun Sep 9 19:49:15 EDT 2001

Hello list,
Right now I have the opporturnity to get an '82 5kt engine for 100 bucks. I
also have the opporturnity to get an MC for the same price. My plan is to
make a high output engine to drag race and auto-x. Other than the 7:1
compression, is there any reason to NOT use the 82 engine? I would like this
compression because, even though drivability will suffer, I will be able to
run a few extra PSI of boost safely on the same octane fuel. However, if the
MC cam is more agressive, and the head flows better, I would rather have the
MC because my goal is maximum power. I am going to go through the engine
doing belts, water pump, gaskets etc, maybe port the head a little, and
install 40mm valves.
I am going to use a large Garrett turbo with an integrated wastegate. I am
hoping that I can run 25-30 psi with a good intercooler, EFI or twin CIS,
and an NG/NF knock sensing ignition. This should be good for ~300-350+hp I
am hoping. I just want to build something with a rediculous amount of power
even if it's only useful for racing.
Just wondering what people on the list thought about this.
Thanks guys,

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