Building a racing I5

Peter Berrevoets pjberr at
Mon Sep 10 00:52:06 EDT 2001

We have a couple of younger guys, engineering/machining/tool&die, here
pushing some serious horsepower out of their cars and are looking for more.

One - a 1990 20V Coupe is now running an AAN from an S4 with larger
injectors, a stock K24, water injection, all packed into a very clean
install that looks totally factory. He's running about 24lbs of boost -  and
the car really moves - this is what Audi should have done to the north
american coupe quattro cars to start with!

The other is running a 5KTQ, 88 (I think) with an MC1 block, a 20V N/A head
(or this may be his next upgrade), Haltech ignition, custom intake and
exhaust manifolds, a monster intercooler matched to a monster turbo pushing
37 lbs of boost.

Yes - thirty seven pounds of boost!

He is reportedly getting over 430 hp, and is looking to increase the boost
to over 40 lbs, add NOS injection while further reducing the weight of the
car! There are pictures somewhere and perhaps Mr. Pajak might make them
available (I believe he has some).

Drag racing this coming Sunday at a semi-local track will prove the
effectiveness of these mods, but he has suffered transmission failures on
1st and 2nd gears in the 016 5 spd on more than two occassions (dropping the
clutch from 7k rpm may not be the most effective way to launch a high
powered 5KTQ!).

Full details are sketchy as this was discussed over more than a few brew at
our monthly pub night, partly due to excellent attendance, but I believe
both are lurkers on the main list and may just offer to fill in some more

The choice of block - I have to confirm that it's the MC1 and not another -
was based on the forged nature of all the components. Got to love the way
Audi builds the bottom ends of the Turbo cars!



Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ
1991 200 20V - project
Toronto, Canada

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> >Hello list,
> >Right now I have the opporturnity to get an '82 5kt engine
> >for 100 bucks. I
> >also have the opporturnity to get an MC for the same price.
> >My plan is to
> >make a high output engine to drag race and auto-x. Other than the 7:1
> >compression, is there any reason to NOT use the 82 engine? I
> >would like this
> >compression because, even though drivability will suffer, I
> >will be able to
> >run a few extra PSI of boost safely on the same octane fuel.
> >However, if the
> >MC cam is more agressive, and the head flows better, I would
> >rather have the
> >MC because my goal is maximum power. I am going to go
> >through the engine
> >doing belts, water pump, gaskets etc, maybe port the head a
> >little, and
> >install 40mm valves.
> >I am going to use a large Garrett turbo with an integrated
> >wastegate. I am
> >hoping that I can run 25-30 psi with a good intercooler, EFI
> >or twin CIS,
> >and an NG/NF knock sensing ignition. This should be good for
> >~300-350+hp I
> >am hoping. I just want to build something with a rediculous
> >amount of power
> >even if it's only useful for racing.
> >Just wondering what people on the list thought about this.
> >Thanks guys,
> >Mike
> >

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