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>When I sold these things it was in the late sixties.  The Renault stable
>being sold in this country was, as near as I can recall, the Renault 16,
>which was the French precursor to the Pontiac Azte; the Renault 5 (I think
>it was), and the Caravelle, which as I recall was an off-shoot of the "5".

Getting waaaay off topic here...

The 5 was called Le Car in the US and was intro'ed in Europe in '72.
Might've been the 4 (Nissen hut on wheels, 2CV rival) but the 8 or 10 are 
more likely.
The 8 was the squared-up successor of the Dauphine (itself the successor of 
the 4CV), the 10 was basically an 8 with more room. The 12 also came about 
in the late '60s/early '70s, it's still built in Romania as the Dacia. The 
Caravelle, while we're on the subject, was the cabriolet version of the 
Dauphine. There was also an Ondine, which I think was the stripped-out 
version of the Dauphine.

>I don't believe that the Deux Cheveaux and the Quatre Cheveaux were ever
>imported for sale in this country, and they certainly were not being sold in

The 2CV was made by Citroen. Another very weird car that did what it was 
made for very well indeed, but for continuing quality problems until it 
ceased production in the late '80s. Rather a long production run, remaining 
basically unchanged between '48 and '87...

Regards, Tom

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