Window wires

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Mon Sep 10 17:29:15 EDT 2001


I had a wonderful trip to Provincetown Massachusetts over the weekend,
but my fiancee couldn't enjoy the fresh air because her window wouldn't
go down.  So it's time to revive the dead passenger window in my '89 200
TQ (Type 44).

I'm 90 percent sure it's a broken wire in the rubber boot between the door
and the door jamb. I pulled the armrest and removed the window switch.
There are five wires going to the switch: thin white, red/black, and
black/green wires, and thicker green and black ones (as per the Bentley
manual).  With the ignition on, I don't get juice from any of the wires
(touching the leads of a voltmeter between the five wires). I'm assuming
the thick green and black wires carry the juice/ground? to the window
motor, and that the smaller ones just switch the current for direction

Here are my questions:

- I can't find the thick green and black wires in the door jamb. Are they
supposed to pass through the boot, or are they wholely contained within
the door itself?

- Do the wires go from the battery (i.e., door jamb) to the motor, and then 
to the
switch? Or from the battery to the switch and then to the motor?

- Which wire(s) carries the juice?  Since I can't find any at the switch, I'm
assuming that the power feed wire is broken.

Thanks for your BTDTs or for your ability to read a wiring diagram.

Kent McLean
'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"

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