winter prep

jim rose sf5ktq at
Mon Sep 10 15:13:31 EDT 2001


i dont think theres too much you can do. a REALLY good coat or 2 of wax, 
maybe hitting the rubber bits with some high silicone contect preservative/ 
protectorant. i used to do a bit of scraping+ undercoating before a winter 
(vw's in MA) but not anymore...

i think the most important thing is to find a carwash with a good 
undercarriage high pressure spray. run it thru every so often if you're in a 
salt area.

oh, winter wipers, snow tires and low temp windsheild washer juice go w/out 

then all you have to do is grin in anticipation of the white stuff. 

jim "live to ride, ride to live (snowboards, that is...) rose

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