Need Help Removing Rear Hatch Cover on 98 A6 Avant

Lee M. Levitt lee at
Tue Sep 11 13:26:36 EDT 2001

"Bill Rowe" <rowe at> writes:
> Trying to pinpoint source of rear hatch rattling.  Have bottom portion
> off but can't figure out how to pry top portion (where sun shade is ).
> I can see some screws but I'd need a 2-3 foot torx or allen key to
> unscrew them.  Anyone ever remove one before?  TIA


My wife's '96 A6 Avant is absolutely silent, so there's hope.

My '95.5 S6 Avant has had a rattle from the rear hatch off and on since I
bought it in March. I *think* it's coming from the trim piece (large
asymmetric trim piece covering the retracted shade.), and have done some
playing around with it. It's held on by 5 or 6 large J clips, not screws.
However, once you unclip it, it's just about impossible to reclip. You may
find that one of the clips is already off...this may be the source of your

My rattle went away (for now). If it comes back, I'm going to take a couple
of black sheetmetal screws and pin it down for good, along with the larger

The black plastic trim pieces around the glass are also suspect, btw.


'95.5 S6 avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

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