'93 90 Airbag question

Todd & Edith Young auditodd at qwest.net
Wed Sep 12 21:07:47 EDT 2001

OK, so a week or so ago, my airbag light lit up flashing, and went to
solid on......

I've checked the continuity from the back of the actual airbag to the
male/female plug contained in the console directly behind the steering
wheel, both wires checked out. I even checked them while turning the
steering wheel from lock to lock.

Has anyone else had issues with their airbag? How was it resolved?

I've found the part number for the airbag controller in the family
album, but it doesn't really indicate where it's located. Does anyone
know where the controller for the airbag is located?

Unless anyone has any other great ideas, I think I'll have to buy a new
airbag controller.
Todd & Edith Young
1910 52nd Street East #101
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077

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