Tom antiriced at
Sat Sep 15 02:17:34 EDT 2001

Tonight the gauntlet was thrown.. finally tore into the 5k to repair a pesky
slipping clutch and removed a couple other non-functional - be it from
failure or just lunacy in original design - items. Several items including a
dead a/c compressor, brackets, various pumps, fans and devices that make
whirring sounds have been purged from under the hood. Found (among other
notables) that it had munched the pilot bearing so the trans will be out for
a couple days at least. Also found that the p/n on the "new" disk didn't
match the "old" take out the previous owner left me in the trunk... hmm,
maybe that had something to do with the slippage.

Need some info:

1. need to reboot / rebuild a rear cv. For this, I'd like to pull the
offending axle but need to be able to move the car around. Am I safe in
assuming that Audi wheel bearings are like VW bearings and don't appreciate
being rolled w/ the shaft removed? if so, anyone have a junk axle (or two)
lying around that I could cut the stubby end off to save the bearing?

2. flywheel is out... what / where are the commonly (read: proven to be
safe) trimmed sections? While there is plenty of meat there, not much of it
looks like it could be shed without compromising at least some strength or
those silly timing pins. I can see this as being yet another supporting
factor for ditching the CIS asap. Photos of lightened flywheels would be

3. it seems that both of my potential sources for a junk head to mock up a
fuel rail and modified intake manifold have fallen through. As such, I'm
still looking for a bare head to borrow / purchase. don't want to tempt fate
by opening my motor any sooner than I have too..

'87 5ktq -> shedding weight with each broken part..

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