Syncro rear shocks and coil springs

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    Stoopid email keeps sending blank messages.  Here are those links again.
        Rocky Mountain Motorworks has a nack for finding obscure parts:

        Blau is Audi specific really, but you never know, and they seem to
be having some sort of sale

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> Hello all,
> I'm so glad to see that VW Syncro owners aren't
> treated as outcasts, or worse here.  My present
> problem is finding rear shocks/struts and their
> attendant bits and pieces.  Most needed are rear coil
> springs as "Sassy's" rear end is sagging something
> fierce.   Apparently Boge OEs are about all that is
> available as far as shocks go but no one, and I mean
> no one, has the coil springs.  Much less all the other
> parts that are needed at the tops of these
> contraptions.  Things like the bump stops, protective
> boots, and all those other items shown (but not
> named-@#&*%$!) in the Bentley manual.  I know the bump
> stops are crumbling and who knows what else is worn
> out(158K)but would like to acquire all needed parts
> before embarking upon this journey.
>   According to some, Bilsteins for an A1 Rabbit can be
> utilized but, it entails some rigging that I'd rather
> not do and would lower the car also.  I'd prefer stock
> height and have a fellow Syncro owner who would love
> to raise his, both front and rear, for the coming
> winter.
>  Any and all info, leads, sources, wishes, whatever,
> will be greatly appreciated!
> So sorry to ramble on, but I love this car and would
> really love to restore it to it's former glory-and
> then I'll turbo the heck out of it!
> Thanks so much for your time,
> Gregory Smith
> 1986 VW Quantum Syncro Wagon "Sassy"
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