OT - The new World Trade Center

Rave Racer Ravewar at home.com
Sat Sep 15 12:06:45 EDT 2001

    I think you missed the point.  Look at it again with the thought that
this is supposed to be a joke based on it being a signal towards the middle
east.  A signal often used by NY cab drivers.

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> I think a large memorial park on that block with lots of green grass and a
> remembrance for every single life lost would be most appropriate.
> Tall buildings are now un-attractive in my view.
> >All,
> >I've posted a jpeg to my site a friend emailed me. I find it very
> >appropriate. You may have to look at it a few times to get.
> >Anton
> > http://gaidos.got.net/NewWTC.jpg

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