bring on the boooooooooossssttttt!!!

Marc Swanson marcswanson at
Sat Sep 15 23:18:09 EDT 2001

Well, I fitted the the 1.8 bar spring (thanks Charlie!) today.. grounded the 
fuel pump relay for now.. I'll probably add a relay later to keep the factory 
fuel cutoff after the engine quits.  

I've gotten used to 6psi.. thought that was fast.  I'm running a K24 with a 
bypass valve right now and with the stock  boost I could always hear that 
great turbo whislte (wssssssshhhhhh) and then a nice "psssssh" on shifts.  
Now I think people standing 100 feet away can hear it!

1st gear starts from a standing stop are now much more dramatic.  Second gear 
is a lot less patient then it used to be :-)

Only problem is I somehow managed to goof up my idle.. I can't hear the ISV 
buzzing away with ignition on so I probably messed that up somewhere along 
the line.  I'll play with it more tommorow.

Amazingly the mixture seems to stay at or above stoich at WOT which is good.  
I won't push the boost up any higher for now until the EFI box goes in.  At 
which point some kind of cockpit adjustment for the wastegate will probably 
go in :-)


-(turbo) Marc-
87 4ktq (getting faster and faster)
88 90q (feeling slower and slower)

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