Should I sell out? (Update)

BBBurban at BBBurban at
Wed Sep 19 20:18:14 EDT 2001

Well, went to the dealerships today and boy was I disappointed. 

 The Honda guys can only offer me $1000 for my 90q20v.  Their books 
apparently don't even list a 20v so they just went with the 90 Quattro 
listing.  The Honda's I am looking at only have about 150 HP as well (very 
disappointing). And the lack of Quattro is weighing on my mind here in the 
heart of New England.

Stopping by the Audi shop again they revised their offer of $4000 by saying 
they would have to get it up on the lift ... well, I thought, that isn't good 
news.  But he continued by saying that depending on what he saw he might 
offer me MORE!!!.  That S4 is looking a bit nicer as well now.  Might be able 
to walk away with only $10,000 after trade in for costs ect.  Oh discussions 

It still comes down to increased maintenance and higher costs or lower cost. 
Less miles, easy to maintain but less HP and no Quattro.  Gonna be a 
sleepless night.  

Hank 90q20v (eyeing that 380 HP S4 really closely)

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