Changing to 200/quattro headlights

Lee M. Levitt lee at
Thu Sep 20 12:04:43 EDT 2001

TWFAUST at writes:

> Here's the deal. I have a perfectly good '90 100, and my local
> junkie has a couple of 200's with good noses. To put 200 lights on mine,
it is obvious
> that the lights and the grille have to be changed. How about
> relays, switches etc. Any help out there?

Sure. I'll sell you a couple of candles and some duct tape. Just tape them
to the bumper. Light output will be far better.

Seriously, unless you replace the DOT lamps with Euro lamps, you'll be
awfully sad the first time you drive at night.

The 200 lights suck bigtime.

Look into 100 Euro prices and 200 Euro place to check is


'95.5 S6 avant (with Euro lamps)
'96 A6 quattro avant (soon to get Euro lamps)
ex '90 200T

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