What's Wrong with my A8 Steering?

Paul Waterloo pwaterloo at compuserve.com
Sun Sep 23 18:53:59 EDT 2001

So the other day I did a bone head move and while parking, I hit a pipe
(about 10" dia) sticking out of the ground with a flange attached to the
top. I was pulling into a spot (on a side road in Chicago) and I didn't see
it because it was about 8-12" inches high. It ended up scrapping the bottom
part of my front bumper just forward of the wheel then I hit it with my
tire. I was barely moving, but it scraped the bumper. No problem.

Got in my car to find out that my steering wheel is now about 36 degrees
off. I drive the car and it tracks perfectly.....actually pulls a slight bit
to the left (almost perfect) but it did that before?

Do you think I bent a tie rod end? How could the steering wheel move like it


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