Denver area listers, need some help & advice

Matt Daniels mdaniels at
Mon Sep 24 11:43:19 EDT 2001

After being out of work for most of the year (thank god for freelance
work!) I have finally have landed a full time position with a company in
Denver, which means I'll be relocating in the next few weeks. I need
some help from area listers on info, and maybe some advice.

First off, I'm driving my '86 4kq to Denver this Wednesday to look for
housing (I'm coming from Salt Lake City). In the three years of owning
this car, I have never driven it anywhere near this distance or for as
long. I'm fairly confident that the car will make it, but with the luck
I've had this year I wouldn't be surprised if the Audi gods decide to
get pay a visit. Is there anything I should bring with me other than the
normal emergency items? BTW, I am leaving the car at a friends house in
Parker and will be flying home, so I only need to worry about getting it
there. :-)

Second, any good recommendations for mechanics? I'm going to need one
for my 4k and our '93 Eurovan, so if there is a good one that can work
on both that would be great. I plan on living in the southern part of
the city - Highlands Ranch, Parker, maybe Castle Rock. I will be working
in the DTC not too far from Fiddlers Green, so mechanics in these areas
would be ideal.

Third, it looks like I'm going to have to move out there alone, and my
wife and kids will follow me out when our house is sold. I can't say
that I'm thrilled with this option, but we're not sure if we have any
other option (other than trying to rent our house in SLC, and we don't
want to deal with that). If anybody else has gone through a similar
situation, can you give me some advice on how to keep my sanity during
this period of time? 

Lastly, anybody know of apartments with short lease terms? Or even
possibly a decent hotel with low weekly rates? I'm hoping that I don't
have to live there alone for very long, so I don't want to have to rent
a place and sign a 6 month lease. I've had a local company fax me some
options, most most with short term leases are almost as expensive a
month as just renting a house for my family. If anybody has any advice
in this area, that would help me out a lot.

That's all my questions for now, I'm sure I'll have more later.

Matt Daniels

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