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Tue Sep 25 11:41:36 EDT 2001

Sure, I suppose theoretically you are right, but you will find I am quite 
pragmatic about these matters, especially since the variable size increasing 
efficiency intercooler has not yet been invented to keep temp. at ambient at 
X boost pressure. 


Fitting the proper turbo for the hp range seems to address the real issues 
directly, instead of squeezing every last psi out of an undersized turbo and 
making up for it with bigger intercoolers.


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<< JAvad,
 "all else being equal" is required.  This implies that temperature remains 
 constant.  Granted, we are operating under conditions in which 
 heating  will have a significant effect.  This is what you are reporting 
 below and I find no fault with your report - but _"all else"_ is _not_ 
 equal in your setup.  If it were then flow rate would, indeed, be directly 
 proportional to pressure at the relatively low pressures we are talking 
 At 10:12 PM 9/23/01, JShadzi at wrote:
 >Yes, proportional, but hardly linear, flow decreases at boost/pressure rises
 >(just like a fuel pump), and the misconception exists in that fact.  In my
 >own car running a K26 (currently), the car is actually faster at 14psi then
 >at 18psi- where the inefficient K26 begins heating the intake charge beyond
 >the ability of the intercooler.
 >Javad >>

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