2.8 12v timing belt swap

fchapchuk at cae-usa.com fchapchuk at cae-usa.com
Tue Sep 25 12:44:21 EDT 2001

I've done the job before without the tools. 
On my last belt change I decided to rent the tools
from Blau. Before I started the job, I put the cam tool next to
the cam. I was surprised to find out what I thought was a good alignment 
from my last change was actually off. I was glad I had the tools. It saves a
lot of heart ache.
They rent a set of tools (cam holding, crank holding) for the V6.
Now they started to charge a bit more for the rental if you don't buy the
timing change kit from them.

As far as buying the tools, when I was looking there where a couple of
companies that sold them.
One would have the cam tool cheaper, one would have the crank tool cheaper.

There was a really good write up on the list on how to do the change.

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