Help- 85' 4kSQ is Stuck!

Huw Powell audi at
Tue Sep 25 15:37:46 EDT 2001

> "Turse, Thomas (CORP, GEAccess)" wrote:
> Hey all, still trying to get my 4000S Quattro started.  Is there
> anyone who can tell me how to locate the fuel pump relay?  Also,
> someone mentioned an ignition sending unit located behind glove box?
> Any suggestions on how to try and rule out the obvious causes would be
> greatly appreciated.  Car was running fine and all of a sudden it
> won't.  Yes, car has gas.

FPR = #10 in the fusebox.

start with the basics.  is fuel getting to the cylinders?  is the engine
making spark?  if it has air, these two added will tend to make it go

Huw Powell

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