Tool VW544 and cam sprocket removal...

Gerard gerard at
Wed Sep 26 10:42:15 EDT 2001


This has to do with the engine I recently got back that had different
cam and crank pulleys when compared with the water pump pulley. I am
going for the super-torque items. Last night at 12:30 I crawled out to
the garage and had a go at removing the cam pulley. No luck whatsoever.

How do I remove the cam pulley when there is no belt, no distributor and
almost nothing to lever up against and the bolt seems pretty tight? I
looked in the Bentley books and it simply shows the use of tool VW544,
which looks like a C-spanner, to hold the pulley by its arms. What's the
best method if you don't have this tool? I tried a screwdriver wedged
between a stud and the pulley teeth, but it slipped with an almight
bang. I didn't see a quick wedge point to jam the pulley.

Any suggestions on a safe method with the cam still in the head? 

Perhaps a screwdriver wedged in somewhere?


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