a4 avant subwoofer

c a l i b a n caliban at sharon.net
Thu Sep 27 23:49:25 EDT 2001

	well, i finally sold my urq, and in the process pulled out
	all the stereo and alarm stuff from it.

	i'm flowing most of the stuff to mike williams, except the
	amp.  it's a nice burly soundstream 3/4/5 amp (something
	like that anyway, see http://caliban.sf.ca.us/urq/audio/2-parts.jpg )
	that was pretty spendy.  my installer will take it from
	me used and flow me some credit for it.

	being a dj, and a drum & bass one at that, i'd like to eek a
	bit more bass out o fthe stock subwoofer in my a4 avant.  i
	have the premium audio package, unmodified, no cd changer.
	i'm amenable to replacing the sub and adding an amp, or just
	adding an amp to the stock sub.  ideally i'd want to be able
	to adjust the level and hopefully xover level from the driver's
	seat, as one wants very different bass response when switching
	from a photek cd to an art blakey cd.

	i hear, though, that th ebose system is all crazy integrated,
	and that just droppin in an amp is a pretty nontrivial (or
	worse, not possible) venture.

	so, lists, what's the deal?  can i add an amp?  how much can
	the speaker in the sub take?  is it hard to get to?  is it a
	standard enough size to replace it with a different speaker?

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