Pointless questions...

Dan Simoes dans@audifans.com
Tue, 16 Jan 2001 01:23:08 -0500

VAT is a tax, I believe "Value added tax".
MoT is the governing body of motor regulations, sort of like DMV here
in the US.
The various "Regs" are license plates - one letter for each calendar
year.  Unlike in the US, a car gets one license plate, which goes with
it when it is sold.  So, you could tell by looking at the plate what
model year a car belongs to, roughly.

All the above are my interpretations based on reading Car magazine.
I'm sure Phil or someone will jump in and correct me if I'm too far off.

| Dan |

Stephen Ankney wrote:
> These questions are for our English listers. Being an avid reader of Audi
> Driver for sometime I keep wondering what these terms mean:
> MoT
> D reg, L reg, Y reg etc...
> I'm assuming these are different types of registrations and taxes? Thanks to
> anyone who would like to clear this up for me...
> Steve Ankney
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> Holland, MI
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