Where's my coolant going?

Lawrence C Leung l.leung@juno.com
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 23:20:26 -0500

The waterpump on your 1.8 is external (unlike the 2.2 I-5) so you can
check. Any loss of water from the water pump will appear as an
appropriate color stain at the "weep" hole at the bottom of the pump (ask
me how I know, my GTi's engine is essentially the same as your's). The
compression leakdown test should re-affirm, it's likely the head gasket. 


On Mon, 22 Jan 2001 20:46:17 -0500 "Alexander van Gerbig"
<Audi_80@email.msn.com> writes:
>    This is also an option I have overlooked.  Though this doesn't 
>the excessive white smoke issues.  I had my timing belt, tensioner, 
>and all
>belts done when I bought the car, all the belts were 9 years old, but 
>had 17k miles on them.  All the seals were done too, but no ever 
>touched the
>water pump.  My car has reached the 60k mark, 62,5k to be exact.  This 
>the time to think about waserpump isn't it?  Though I don't see any 
>from it?  How else could the pump be loosing coolant?  I am almost 
>it's a head gasket, but the pump needs to be replaced too...
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