Anyone looking for an UrS4 engine/tranny?

Craig D. Niederst
Sun, 4 Feb 2001 22:21:31 -0500

A salvage yard in the Pittsburgh, PA area that I bought my CGT tranny from
has a wrecked '93 S4 for sale. Its red/ecru, 127k, carbon fiber trim, and
has damage to both front fenders, bumper and some scratches on both sides
down the doors, etc. Engine and tranny were not damaged, and the car runs.
Probably would be repairable, but definitely good for the drivetrain. The
yard wants $5850 for the whole car. If anyone is interested, drop me an
e-mail off list and I will give you the phone # of the place. I have no
personal interest in the sale of this vehicle, just passing the info along
since there has been quite a few requests for 5 cyl 20V turbo motors on the
list lately.

'92 100S (91k)
'86 CGT (195k)