UrQ Rear Muffler

Rave Racer 2000 Ravewar@home.com
Mon, 5 Feb 2001 02:12:38 -0500

        I had a company called Car Line build my entire exaust from Pre-Cat
back.  I replaced the Cat with a highflow one and had stainless pipe put on
after it.  They mandrel bent the pipe using the original as a guide and
custom built the Y split after the rear axle for me.  One side goes straight
and the other goes through the muffler and out the other side.  The
appearance is Dual exaust, but what really happens is a silenced exaust on
one side, and when I open the valve, a straight pipe on the otherside.
        My exaust cost me $700 Canadian not including the tips.  I think it
was a great deal, and the car sounds great, or quiet depending on what I
        Even before I did the exaust over it sounded good.  I towed some
people out of the ditch with some chains, and the chains cut my muffler in
half.  It was loud without being gurgly.

> Anybody have a good UrQ rear muffler they'd like to part with?  The
> muffler on mine is good, but a hanger broke and the axle chewed a hole
> in the pipe as it goes over it. Doesn't appear easy to patch.
> Related question... how loud would it be if I had a local shop make me a
> simple pipe that bolted up at the rear flange and went out the back
> without a muffler? it just souns ratty now.