Introduction! Hi, new to the list!

Sun, 18 Feb 2001 19:31:26 -0700

Good luck and enjoy your car. Just make sure you're not getting too many
speeding tickets. Do you have any snow around Boston these days?
I personally never seen those problems on any of my quattros. How about
electrical problems, climate control, cruise control, sunroof,
radio/antenna, bomb, heated seats, radiator/heating core, just to name a few
that I have had problems with?


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Subject: Introduction! Hi, new to the list!

> Hello!
> Just wanted to introduce myself to the quattro list. My name is William Ng
> and I'm from Boston, MA USA. I'm an EE at a start-up designing high speed
> imaging processors.
> Last week, I bought an 1990 Audi 200 quattro in Lago Blue, from a couple
> Vermont. The car's body is in very good condition considering it has
> 168k miles. I paid $3,200 which I thought was a fair price since it needs
> some mechanical attention (typical type 44 issues; rear shocks; groaning
> noise from rear..wheel bearing?)
> This is my first Audi, and my enthusiasm is at its maximum.
> So, I hope you all can tolerate another newbie to your world of all-wheel
> drive, and
> I'll try to keep the dumb questions to a minimum!
> :-)
> My best,
> Will
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> Regards,
> Will
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