Introduction! Hi, new to the list!

Peter Berrevoets
Sun, 18 Feb 2001 21:30:59 -0500


If you bought it certified (ie you can drive it and plate it) you did well.
If not, you might be in for a rude awakening. (this will be 'an affair to
remember' however!)

Be prepared to enter a love/hate relationship with this car, forget about
women - you won't have time, energy or money, and buy the Bentley manuals.
Read them front to back, but don't expect to understand them yet.

I love mine and it hates me in return. Better than any woman!

It keeps me poor and out of trouble - don't dare drive it far and wouldn't
use it for a getaway car ;-)

Fuel economy is good except all the tools you will learn to carry in the
trunk will adversely affect both performance and fuel economy.

In all likelihood you will want to modify it for more power - wait... 'stock
it' first - you will be pleasantly surprised. Then make sure you have plenty
of coin handy because stuff will start to break again. Once you've replaced
everything she will then be ready for more power.

Chips and mods await your patience, pocketbook and desire.

You will find this place full of advice - b.s. - wry humour - sarcasm -
fragile egos - inflated egos - and just a little irony ;-) If you are a
non-conforming individualist, you have found your place in the world (and
droves of non-conforming individualists!)

Have fun, welcome and prepare for the rode of your life!

Cheers and once again welcome - please read all above with a twist and no

Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ
Toronto, Canada

BTW - I didn't get to go ice-racing this weekend so I'm waxing rhapsodic;
it's too cold to wax anything else!

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> >Hello!
> >	Just wanted to introduce myself to the quattro list. My
> >name is William Ng
> >and I'm from Boston, MA USA. I'm an EE at a start-up
> >designing high speed
> >imaging processors.
> >
> >Last week, I bought an 1990 Audi 200 quattro in Lago Blue,
> >from a couple in
> >Vermont. The car's body is in very good condition
> >considering it has almost
> >168k miles. I paid $3,200 which I thought was a fair price
> >since it needs
> >some mechanical attention (typical type 44 issues; rear
> >shocks; groaning
> >noise from rear..wheel bearing?)
> >
> >This is my first Audi, and my enthusiasm is at
> >its maximum.
> >So, I hope you all can tolerate another newbie to your world
> >of all-wheel
> >drive, and
> >I'll try to keep the dumb questions to a minimum!
> >
> >:-)
> >
> >My best,
> >Will
> >--
> >Regards,
> >Will
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> >William, MA USA
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> >"Never knock on death's door, ring the doorbell and run away..."
> >"he just hates that."
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