[V8] V8 vs old S4/S6 in reliability and handling

Audimobiles@aol.com Audimobiles@aol.com
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 21:18:09 EST

>>Is there any reason I should stay in a V8 if I can pick up an old S4 in
>>terms of appearance, room, 0-60 acceleration, top end, safety or seat
    First off, you should test drive an early S4 if you haven't already. I 
think you'll really notice a difference. Good or Bad, is all a matter of 
opinion. Check out the audiworld website to compare vitals.

>>Why would a turbo 5cylinder move faster
>>than a plain V8? 
    If I remember right, the early S4 is a full 2 seconds faster than an 
automatic V8 doing 0-60 mph. I think its even a second faster than the 5spd 
V8. I believe the V8 is a couple hundred pounds heavier and it doesn't have 
the low end torque that the S4 has. The S4's torque curve peaks and plateaus 
out just below 2k rpm.
>>but I sure don't want to start over with
>>another difficult and expensive car to repair. If the cars are really
>>similar I'll just stay put and put the extra money in the bank.
    I'm sure parts $$$ aren't much better for the S4. The trick to this game 
or at least to have a little more luck on your side as far as reliability 
goes -  is to find a one owner car that has service records. Get a car that 
has all the known flaws already replaced. Ask questions, find out how and 
when its been driven. Get it checked out by a trusted mechanic or someone 
that already owns one. Like I tell my friends and myself on occasion :), You 
get what you pay for. Good Luck

    Dave Farrer
    '90 V8Q