5k sunroof tilts but won't open much

SIMON HOLTBY sholtby@yahoo.co.uk
Sun, 18 Mar 2001 15:00:59 +0000 (GMT)


I had the same problem with a '90 5k. Roof tilts OK but only slides back
so far stops and you have to wind it closed with the emergency handle.
I traced the problem to a faulty micro switch in the motor unit. 
The roof starts opening at a slow speed then closes a micro switch and
then opens at a faster speed. I think I moded mine so it just opened at
the slow speed.

Simon Holtby

--- Wallace White <wallace@stanfordalumni.org> wrote: > The weather is so
nice here in the Bay Area that I'm set on fixing the
> sunroof in my 5kcstq. It will tilt back and forth nicely, though it does
> make a clanking noise just as it closes. But it will barely open (i.e.
> slide back) at all. It moves back far enough to lower the trailing edge
> of the lid, but then it jams. 
> I've moved the sunroof headliner out of the way but I don't see anything
> wrong yet. The slot profile parts are the newer, updated kind. (Build
> date is 12/86, before the change, so I'm glad to see this was fixed
> prior to my ownership.)
> Any tips?
> - Wallace
>   '87 5kcstq 170k

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