5k sunroof tilts but won't open much

Wallace White wallace@stanfordalumni.org
Sun, 18 Mar 2001 08:45:15 -0800

> I had the same problem with a '90 5k. Roof tilts OK but only slides back
> so far stops and you have to wind it closed with the emergency handle.
> I traced the problem to a faulty micro switch in the motor unit.

Thanks, Simon, but that's not the problem on mine. If I crank it by
hand, it gets stuck at the same point. And I didn't let the micro
switches control me, so that rules them out. :)

Steve Jensen wrote:
> Are there scratch marks in the paint on the rear of the sunroof?  Mebbe it
> isn't adjusted down enough.

Nope, it does go down low enough. I've tried pushing the lid down more
too, and it didn't make a difference. Thanks though.

>From inside the car, I can see that the mechanism moves fine until the
whole thing is supposed to slide backwards. It binds at that point. So
the tilt/angle bearing slides fine, but the front/rear one doesn't,
maybe. I'll keep looking, and I appreciate any other ideas.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 170k