garage question (off topic, strictly speaking)

Dry Ridge Design
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 10:11:21 -0500

Not too sure about the floors. but how about those inexpensive poly tarps
for the walls.  They would hang easily and you could just throw em out after
you finish with everything.

Also, what about removing the ceiling tiles and putting tarps over the
existing drop ceiling frame (to protect subfloor and wiring, pipes, etc.?
All you have to do afterwards is repaint the frame and put the tiles back in

Might need to check the fire rating on tarps like these, but I think with
just sparks you would be OK.  As far as welding, the sparks aren't as much
of a hazard as you would think AS LONG AS  you keep the work area relatively
neat, tidy, and free of really flammable things (like old bags of cotton

Have you considered making the vehicle able to be easily rolled out of the
garage to do the more extensive work?  Of course then the weather is
certainly a PITA to contend with...

My .02

Stefan Weir
85 4Ksq
82 Diesel Vdub Westy

on 3/19/01 9:46 AM, Douglas Frank at wrote:

> Hello Audi and Triumph lovers (I'm both)
> I've got a rather serious restoration project in mind and have
> decided to fit out my basement as a proper workshop.  The trouble
> is, it's a finished basement-- tile floor, wallboard, paint, drop
> ceiling, you know the drill.
> I'll be welding, grinding and eventually painting down there.
> So, my top concerns are ventilation and the fire hazard from all
> those sparks I intend to drop.
> My question to the lists is, what can I cover the (tile) floor
> and (drywall) walls with, to protect from sparks and dripping
> fluids?
> Criteria: the floor's gotta be cheap, non-slip, cheap, fireproof,
> cheap, oilproof, cheap, and cheap.  The walls just have to be
> inexpensive.
> (I've already got the ventilation thing worked out.  Being single
> made that a lot easier, I bet.)
> thanks!