Goodbye to a good friend =(
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 05:27 +0000

Isabella met her sad demise recently.  This was the Tornado Red 89 100 
that I fell in love with a year ago.  She was with me while I lived in 
Hawaii, and I moved 6 months ago to Portland OR.  She was supposed to join 
me later this year.

I let a friend drive her around for awhile and she got hit by a teenager 
going 50mph in a parking lot.  The car is totalled.  I can't tell you how 
much I miss her.  I really want another 44, but right now I can't afford 
the maintenance...

So new car...

I'm now driving a 91 Saab 900 - great car, but its no Audi...

I'm also driving a 90 Infiniti Q45 which I really like (awesome 278 hp 
4.5l V8).  Its got the touring suspension and the 4 wheel steering, its 
all the fuel injectors replaced (common problem w/ the Q) and a tranny 
rebuild).  It drives nice, but the Audi is still the ultimate long 
distance tourer....

I hope to replace Isabella within the next year either w/ a V8q or a 20v 
Turbo 44.


May she rest in peace...


89 100 (*sniffle*)
91 Saab 900
90 Infiniti Q45 
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