Knocking noise - 200 Avant

mark schofield
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 21:02:36 -0000

I've got a 1987 200 Avant Quattro - of late there has been an increased
harshness from the rear right over bumps, like the suspension has lost all
its compliance. I took the rear wheels off to have a look and there is no
doubt that most of the rubber bushes have seen better days, however, having
since had it on the ramp whilst getting the exhaust re-hung the fitter
reckoned they didn't look bad enough to cause knocking. Before I go through
the agony of trying to undo all those corroded fasteners and finding someone
with a press to change the bushes, is there anything else I should be
looking at first? Total miles is about 160k. The bump rubbers also look a
bit sad but I'm only lightly loaded most of the time so I don't think its
them or the dampers.